Wednesday, November 9, 2011

18 Miles Done....

I did it and it feels good.  I ran 18 miles last night.  I broke it into three 6 miles segments, as the treadmills I use only go up to about 90 minutes.  I was able to run the pace as described in my last post.  It was a comfortable pace for most of the run.  I started getting pretty fatigued at 15 miles, but knowing that I had just exceeded the longest run I'd over done was motivating.  I knew that every step was running into personal record territory and that helped quite a bit.  On the way home from work I stopped at a sporting goods store to pick up some gu or shot blocks.   I'm lucky in that I can pretty much eat whatever, I just know it really helps to take in some calories during the longer runs.   Well, so I'm on my way to the gym and realize I didn't bring the gu.  I pull into a convenience store and picked up a package of Cherry Fuit Wedges. ( there's no cherry in there...just sugar )  I got some puzzled looks from people who walked by the treadmill with a dozen pieces of candy lined up on it.  I also drank 2 twenty ounce bottles of Gatorade, and 1 of water, and I still lost 3 pounds during the run !!!!  I really have to pick up my fluid intake.  Especially since it could be much warmer and humider ( I know that's not a real word ) at the marathon.   The other lesson I got from the run was that those shorts, that were my favorite running shorts, caused quite a bit of chaffing.  I don't know if I need to get different shorts, or everything will chaffe at that distance, but I need to find a solution.  The discomfort there really intruded on my mental freedom.  I absolutely love the feeling I get when I've run myself into exhaustion.  It's like the strength that leaves me physically comes back to me mentally.  I'm not going to get too into that now though as I'm afraid I'll scare away what few readers I have.  I don't want anyone to realize just how odd I am yet.  Stick around though and you'll get the idea.

As you may recall, my plan was to register for the marathon if I completed the 18 miler.  I was explaining this to Mrs. Justdontstoprunning, and she decided to come with me and do the half marathon.  Very cool !!  So, in addition to the marathon, I'll get a night in Miami with my better half and no kids. Don't get me wrong.... I love my kids, but haven't spent that many nights without them since they've joined the family.  This makes what I was expecting to be a great weekend, even better.

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