Wednesday, November 30, 2011

20 Miles....take 2

I banged out another 20 miler last night.  I was able to make some improvements over the first time, and somethings didn't go as well.  I ran essentially the same pace, but where last time it was pretty relaxed, this one was much tougher.  I know I should have slowed down my pace, but if I did, I couldn't have gotten 20 in before the gym closed.  Athletically there may be very little difference between 19 miles and 20 miles, but psychologically there really is.  Everything I've read talks about "The Twenty Mile Run"   So, there's another reason for me to get outside and stop doing my long runs on the treadmill.  I planned to anyway, but since I'm doing them mid-week I can only go after work.  I recently had a bit of a mishap running after dark, and am a little gun shy about doing that.  I know I have to get over that, but as my race gets closer, I get more concerned about injuries.  I've still got 8.5 weeks to go.  Even with a 3 week taper, I should be able to get 3 or 4 more long runs in.  So....this may be cheating, but I changed clothes halfway through.  Not wearing soakingn wet clothing was MUCH more comfortable and reduced chaffing substantially.  I also applied Body Glide where ever I thought it might help.  Those 2 steps reduced 90% of my chaffing issues.  

I didn't eat as well i don't think and my legs were a little tired going into the run from the day before's run.  One hamstring was kind of tight.  It loosened up a few miles in, but I just didn't feel as strong as I did for the last long run.

The beneficial take away for me however, and this may be more important than any physical benefit, was the psychological realization, that I can be uncomfortable and still press on, and press on for a long time.

So...the next one will be outside, slower and possibly longer.

just don't stop running.....

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