Wednesday, November 16, 2011

20 Miles...Yeah Baby !!

Well I did it.  20 miles.  Done.  I sort of think of this as a right of passage.  I remember the first time I ran 10 miles and that was a big deal.  It still is actually, but this is bigger still.  It isn't really a milestone in my marathon prep or anything, because I still have a long way to go and I know it, but I feel a huge sense of satisfaction having done it.  For those that have been paying attention, you'll recall that I did 15 miles at an 8 min pace, then I did 18 miles at an 8:20/mile pace, and last night I slowed down further still to 9 min per mile.  I was on the treadmill for 3 hours and I'm sure the people at the gym thought I'd lost my mind.  The reduced pace really helped as today I can just feel a little tightness in the legs, but could do a run today if I wanted to ( but I'm not planning on it ).
So..I got the run done, and my goal is to learn a little more about myself and long runs in general on each one of these.  Things I learned:

1. The gym attendant on Tuesday nights is great.  It's no coincidence that I choose Tuesday for my long runs.
2. Good friends are a good thing.  Relationships are a source of strength and are worth every ounce invested in them.  I have some work I need to do here, and have a clearer idea how to go about it now.  There's nothing like a long run to give you the time to tie down the lose ends running around in your head.
3. Eric Clapton freaking rocks.  I may have to remove his songs from my long run playlist as I really have a hard time keeping the pace slow with him blasting in my ear.  Sure, I could turn him down, but Clapton at low volume seems like a waste.
4. I have met the monster called Chaffing, and it is a bitch.  Holy crap !!!  During any run I've always been really lucky in that once I get into my rythym, my pain threshhold goes way up.  Sometimes this is bad, as I don't realize I'm getting a killer blister until it's huge or formed and broken. Most of the time, it helps keep little nagging nuisance issues from slowing me down.   The only thing I was aware of during the run was muscle fatigue, and how soaked my socks and shorts were.  No pain, no discomfort, nothing.  I got off the treamill after a cooldown walk and became aware of some irritation on my upper thigh.  No wasn't even red, it just stung a little.  I chatted a little, went home and got in the shower for a nice relaxing rinse off of the run.  I've never actually been on fire before, but that's the best way to describe the sensation when I stepped got in the shower.  The water stung my chest, stomach, thighs, nipples, and manly parts in such a way that I wasn't sure if I could complete the shower.  It was BRUTAL !!!  Today everything seems to be ok excelpt between my thighs, and the nipples are still a little tender.   I don't know how to address this issue except to use a little body glide, and switch around some of the clothes I wear...but man oh man. final words of wisdom for today are:  BEWARE THE CHAFFE !!  and of course....just don't stop running.

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