Saturday, November 12, 2011

Long slow runs are supposed to be long and slow...

So...I had been building my miles on my long runs at the pace I was hoping to run the marathon at.  Everything I had read said that was a bad idea.  Conventional wisdom indicated the long runs should be 60 - 90 seconds per mile slower than your normal pace.  What the heck I thought.  Well.....I sometimes I need to find things out the hard way. can do your long runs at race pace....but a marathon can take a week to recover from.  Do you really want to give up a week of your training ?  Of course ...I figured out the reason your long slow runs are supposed to be so slow.  That way you can bang out 20 miles and still keep your training on schedule.  My 18 mile run was at 8:20.  Too fast.   I took the next day off and then 2 days after long run, I was still running on weak legs, and couldn't really do what I wanted.  The next day was better but still not back to normal.'s been 4 days since my long run and I'm ready to do a good training run.  My next long run is going to be much slower.  I'll be aiming for 20 miles at 9 min / mile.  That might still be too fast, because I'm starting to think that 8 min miles isn't really realistic for a first marathon.  I'm re-setting my goal for 8:30 per mile, and realize I may have to relax that even further.  We'll have to see how it goes.

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