Friday, December 23, 2011

Blog-o-phobia !!!

I've been typing away at this blog thinking it didn't really matter what I said because no one is going to read it anyway.  I got 78 page views yesterday !!!  For a real blog that may not be much, but for me it's about 78 more than I expected.  I've been able to be pretty relaxed and honest here because I figured this was essentially a personal diary for me.  To think that people are reading it puts a little more pressure on me to do two things.

1. Deliver quality content.

2. Be a little self concious of what I write.

Unfortunately the two are related.  The only thing I have going for me is that what I write will be genuine and honest.  I'm not a knowledgable marathoner or blogger. ( as you can see, I haven't figured out the spell checker yet.....I thought I had more time !! )  It was pretty easy to be real and write from my gut because I thought no one was reading it.  If I start to filter my thoughts too much, I'll lose the only thing I have going for me on this blog.  Ultimately this isn't really about running, its about my struggles within me.  The same struggles that most people have.  I'm just using running as a vehicle to work through some of these things.  The good thing is the path to being a better runner is pretty easy to follow.  The path to being a better person isn't quite as clear, and the results aren't always readily apparent.

I sincerely thank anyone who's reading this.  I'd love to hear anyone's feedback.  I may not necessarily incorporate it, but I'd like to know what everyone is thinking anyway.

you can reach me at

I'm looking forward to the journey !!

Merry Christmas to everyone, and as always.....just don't stop running !!


  1. Your blog sounds great, based on this post. Like you I try to be honest with myself and write what I'm thinking when I blog. My blog is about barefoot running, but I do deviate into personal thought. I find the physical aspects of training are metaphors for life and I learn through my physical training. It got a bit scary for me when I shared my blog link with people I actually knew. Before that it was just strangers and I was more comfortable with that. I still try to be honest. My blog serves as a record for my journey to becoming a barefoot runner, extending my distances up past the marathon to ultras and trails. It's been a real life changing journey for me....I no longer eat meat and have really simplified my existence. Good luck with your blog. I've added you to my list:)

  2. I'm a low-grade blogger myself, but feel strongly that the old adage of "just be yourself" is what will get readers to resonate with you. I strive for honesty in what i write and to be true to myself first. Like you, my blog is more for me (but if people like it or find it helpful- awesome); I don't create content for others so much as keep my journal publicly available. You can thank Jason Robillard at Barefoot Running University for your leap in views; he linked you yesterday:)

    Oh, and Blogger's spell check is a little odd anyway.