Friday, December 9, 2011

More weight loss...

I tend to be way too analytical.  As a result, those of you that are more "right brained" or emotional might not always relate to my rationale or methods.  If that's the case, let me know.  I'll see if I can spin things a little differently to explain them in a better way.  So.....why am I talking about analytical thought processes ?  Because I started thinking after the last post, " what is the real key to weight loss"  I listed a few things in that post, but I think the key, the main factor, the essense of sucessful weight loss is motivation.  And not just motivation like the over used sports cliche type of "you gotta want it" kind of motivation.  I mean in a quantifiable calculated way.  Almost everything ( at least for me, anyway ) comes down to an equation.  Either consciously or subconsciously, we make decisions by evaluating equations.  Life is a series of greater than or less than problems.  It really is.  Your alarm goes off….which is greater, the enjoyment of laying there for another 9 minutes, or the hassle of trying to get ready for work in 9 minutes less than the usual time.  Breakfast ?  Which is greater, the convenience and taste of 3 bowls of Cocoa Puffs and the lousy sugar crash that’s going to happen in 2 hours OR, the effort of making a bowl of oatmeal, and a handful of peanuts and being able to make it until lunch time without snacking ?  When weight loss is important to you, it adds a little more to the healthy side of those evaluations.  These are micro analyses though.  Before we think about them, we have to back up to the Macro Analysis. The high level, overall decision to dedicate yourself to losing weight.  Which is greater, the discomfort and crappy feeling of being over weight, or the discomfort and hassle involved in losing weight.  As long as being overweight is easier than losing weight, it’s just not going to happen for you. be properly motivated, especially if you’ve tried this before and failed, you need to influence that balance.  You can either make weight loss easier, ( and if you can do that, you will become very, very wealthy ) or you can make being overweight harder.  That will, and probably has been happening on its own.  As your weight goes up, you have a harder time doing things.  You go for walks with your kids less, turn down invitations to social events that involve activity, you stress your knees and feet to the point of pain and injury,  Everyone has their own sensitive issues with being over weight.  It might be that you never take your shirt off at the beach, or you don’t go to your high school reunion, or you don’t ask the cute girl in Marketing out.  Being overweight causes discomfort; physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually.  It’s saps your life force from you.  For me, I had accumulated all those pounds over a number of years so I had time to gradually get used to each and everyone.  I had a few people call me fat, and it really stung, and then I had an occaision where I became incredibly self conscious about my body.  I had to take my shirt off and was mortified by the thought.  Then my brutally honest 5 year old told me I was fat.  I felt bad.  Really, Really bad.  Not only was he right, but then I realized that my weight was not only effecting my life, but my abilities as a parent.  How convincing is my message to my kids to get and stay healthy when I’m carrying around the equivalent of their combined body weight in excess fat !?!?!?  There were a few of these events that happened in rapid succession so I wasn’t quite over the sting of one when another would happen.  So…it became more uncomfortable to stay fat than to lose weight.  I decided I was going to make changes.  I started small and kept it going.  I’ll get into the details some other time, as this has gotten too long as it is.  Just remember to focus on that equation.  When your weight becomes enough of a discomfort, losing weight will actually become the easier path.  

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