Thursday, January 5, 2012

What I Get From Running ( Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll )

Full Disclosure:  I don’t know much about Sex, Drugs or Rock and Roll, and I certainly don’t get any of them from running….well, I suppose I may get more sex from running.  I’m certainly much more fit and healthy and would like to think I’m more attractive with 65 less pounds of fat on me.  I’d also like to think that my wife finds me attractive regardless of my weight, and I’m sure she does.  Being in good shape can’t hurt though.  Even if her attraction to me is entirely pure and altruistic, I have more confidence in myself, which definately makes a person more attractive.  ( Mental Note to self:  This could be a future topic worth exploring. )   Anyway…..I  noticed that my most popular blog posting was “Committing a Marathoning Sin”  I’m kind of curious if that post had content that was better received, or the title just popped up as a result of some salacious googling.  I figured if I put a little titillation in this Title and this one quickly climbs up the popular post list,  I’ll know the increased blog traffic has nothing to do with me.  I want to use this blog to document my transformation from non marathoner to marathoner, provide an outlet for what’s on my mind, and hopefully get people thinking and commenting.   If all I cared about was generating traffic, I’d just post pictures of naked celebrities, and the latest headlines from The National Enquirer, so that is definitely the least important of the goals for me.  I started a draft this morning dealing with the famous quote: “ It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all”  I was going to make a strong case against that sentiment, but the posting got pretty dark and while it’s writing was cathartic for me, it would not have made for enjoyable reading for anyone, so I opted for a topic a little more related to running.  So without any further ado…

What I get from running:

Time to think.  I can completely control my mental environment.  I chose what I listen to, what I think about, and what I want to imagine.  Those moments are vital to my sanity, and hard to find during the day.

Patience.  I don’t necessarily notice extra patience when I run, but I ( and my whole family ) notice the lack of it when I don’t run.    I was working on a project with my 6 year old son not too long ago and it wasn’t going well. He suggested we take a break and I go for a run.  From the mouths of babes…..

Confidence/Self Esteem:  When I started seriously running last year, I used to set the treadmill at 10 minute miles and I had to work my way up to 30 minutes.  I want to always remember that because I’ve come a long way.  I’ve gotten much faster, thinner and stronger.  I know this and it makes me feel good.  Call me shallow and vain, but I love it when I see people I haven’t seen for a while and they comment on my new look.

Good Health:  I used to be plagued with back trouble, fatigued all the time, eat like crap and have trouble sleeping.  All of those things have improved through my running, and have a direct impact on my over all health and my quality and quantity of life.  I’ve probably extended my life expectancy by 10 years.

Social Benefits:  I have a group of running friends now and people that I see on a regular basis through running activities.  For a cynical, anti-social, hermit like person, that’s pretty significant.  It’s very healthy for me mentally to be actively taking part in the world around me, and actually enjoying it.

So those are some of the things that I get from running.  Do you get those too ?  Did I leave something off the list that you think is important ?  Was this a boring topic and you’d like to suggest another one ?

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Thanks for reading, and no matter what….

Just Don’t Stop Running !

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