Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Next Step

So I find myself on yet another stepping off point.  I've been here before.  I'm looking for a marathon, a training plan, and the determination to make them happen the way I want them to.  As the Meatloaf song goes...2 out of 3 ain't bad.  I'm aiming for Providence Rhode Island on May 6th, and the Pfitzinger 12/55 training plan ( that's a 12 week plan, peaking at 55 miles per week )  The determination to make them happen is there, I think, but I thought the determination to make Miami happen in under 4 hours was there too, so I can't really say much on that one yet.  So....

Why Providence ?  Timing.  It's a week or two before I would like, but I'm trying to be flexible.  Whatever I do MUST be before Memorial Day.  That is an concrete parameter.  It also has to be driveable from Massachusetts.  Miami was incredible, but I didn't need the travel stress when I had race stress.  Minimizing stress will help.  I chose Miami because I was looking for a huge, spectacular event.  I got it. Been there, done that, glad it's over.  Now I want a race that has an environment that lets me do my thing as well as I can.  Providence is a flat course, close to home, with a manageable crowd.  It's exactly what I need next.  There were 1200 entrants in the marathon last year, with 348 runners in the 3:30 - 4:00 finishing window.  That's where I'm going to be.  That's a finisher every 5 seconds or so in my finishing time.  I want people around me to  challenge me,  but not so many that they get in my way.  I think this will be just about right.

Why Pfitz 12/55 ?  Well...because Pfitzinger seems to be pretty well respected for training plans, I already own the book that has the plan in it, and I only have 12 weeks until the Providence Marathon.  The problem is that Pfitz recomends a 4 week recover from a marathon, and I've only got 14 weeks until the Providence Marathon. I already taking shortcuts ?  Maybe.  I'm hoping that the fact that I'm almost in marathon shape already will allow me to be ahead of where most people start a marathon training program.  If that's a valid assumption or not, we'll all find out together when I post my results from the next marathon.

I'm going to postpone signing up for the race, until I've had a few weeks of training behind me and see how things are going.  If I haven't recovered enough yet, or can't keep up with the aggressive training schedule, I have a "back up" marathon on May 20 that might work.  I'm trying to be flexible and conservative.  I think I'm already making progress.  I do know that whatever I do...I keep telling myself to....

Just don't stop running..

Thank you so much for reading my blog. It means more to me than you know.



  1. This one is on my list as it is within reasonable driving distance for me as well. I can't do it this year as I am already registered for the NJ marathon. Maybe in '13 or '14. I'd like to do the Long Island Marathon also but that is usually scheduled on the same day as the NJ Marathon too!!!