Friday, March 2, 2012

2 Weeks down....10 more to go.

I'm only about 19 days into my training plan, but I really feel like it's starting to show some results.  My medium length runs aren't such a struggle and my long runs aren't so bad either.  Granted, my long runs aren't as long as they need to be yet, but I'm putting in a high amount of weekly mileage for me, and still feeling good physically. I'm able to run the day after each of my workouts without any residual soreness, and I'm feeling more confident in all my runs as well.  I went on a mini-vacation last week ( hence the delay in new posts )  and went to visit some extended family in Florida.  They have a biking/jogging trail there that goes forever.  It's soooo nice to be able to run and not worry about traffic.  Seeing osprey, rabbits, and squirrels is kind of nice too.  I've been visiting this place now for about 20 years, and while I only go there once a year now, I realized that this is the longest I've continually run at any one location.  It's nice to be able to cruise past landmarks that I used to think were an accomplishment just to reach, and to be doing it at a pace much faster than I used to. It's also nice to see people who haven't seen me since my weight loss too.  While I admit it's kind of shallow and vain of me, I really like it when people notice the weight I've lost.  It makes me feel good, and hasn't happened for a while now.

This was kind of a lame post, but I've been waiting for the inspiration for a blog busting idea for a topic, and it just hasn't happened.  I figured I'd get something new up and hopefully get something else up in pretty short order that will be more worthy of your time.  As always, I'm grateful for your time and feel honored that people take the time to read what I write.

Visit often, tell your friends, and whatever you do....

...just don't stop running.

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