Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Results are in....

(Finished in 4:09.  Not quite in the time I wanted, but I'm ok with that.)'s over.  I had a 2 part goal going into the race.  Finish in 4 hours and run the entire way, or, in otherwords...just don't stop running.   The goals were important and chosen for the way they inter-relate.  During my first marathon I didn't run a very smart race and ended up running out of steam too early, and wasn't able to run as much as I wanted.   The point of the "no walking" mandate here was so that I would not chase the 4 hour finish if it wasn't prudent.  When my pace got difficult, I had to decide between pushing harder and probably doing another crash and burn, or backing off a bit and being able to finish.  I would have liked to have hit both goals, but I didn't get the 4 hour finish.  I missed it by 9 minutes, but I was able to run the whole way, and more importantly run a smarter race than the first time around.  For me that's significant because it means I can leave marathoning, satisfied that I was able to train, make a plan, and execute it.  I couldn't  say that after my first one, so I feel much better retiring from this distance.  I may come back to it again later, perhaps make a run at qualifying for Boston, or maybe just running one when I turn 50, which isn't as far away as I'd like.   So, now I can go back to running for fun and health.  I have a few serious sources of stress in my life at the moment, and running helps me deal with them, if I can run how and when I want.  I couldn't always do that when I was training for a marathon.  There were times when my training called for a long slow run, but my blood pressure/stress level called for a balls out, physically exhausting run of 4 or 5 miles.  I am looking forward to not having that conflict for a while.  I finished the race today a physical and emotional wreck.  I was completely spent.  I spent a few hours running with my mind free to roam where it will when it's given the freedom of such a physically demanding run.  I spent some time with my demons, relived some happy thoughts, appreciated the influence of good friends and suffering through cramps, chaffing and blisters.

Don't worry though.  I will continue to blog and probably at a more frequent pace about the trials and tribulations of running through life and living through running.  

Whatever I do, you can rest assured that I will be true to the title of the blog, and....

Just Don't Stop Running


  1. 4:09.....not too shabby, Greg! Well done!!!

  2. I think you did great! 9 minutes over 26 miles, is just noise. Great job!

  3. Congratulations! How was the course? I have my eye on this race for next year or the year after. (May do Long Island first...)

    1. The course was nice. Lots of very pretty scenery and a lot of it was on a paved bike path which I liked much better than running on public roads. I wasn't thrilled with the organization of the race though. Many posters on the facebook page for the race commented that the mile markers were way off. That can really mess with your pacing if you don't have a GPS watch. One of the water stops ran out of water. Some of the stops were 3 miles apart, so having to skip a stop was a hardship. There weren't any pace groups or online tracking either. I don't have a lot of experience but this seemed like it was a first year race, despite it being the 5th year. The volunteers were super helpful, and the crowd support was better than I expected considering the size of the field. Check out the facebook page for feedback from more experienced marathoners and then decide. If there was another race that was equally convenient, I'd probably go with the other one next time. ( and thanks for the "congrats" )

  4. Thanks everyone. I felt much better about this race than my first marathon, and it was really nice to get some encouraging feedback from you guys.