Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Accomplishments are wonderful things....

I'd be willing to bet that everyone reading this has some goal in the back of their mind that they would like to accomplish, but have never really told anyone about it, or maybe even never solidified the thought in their own mind enough to even call it a goal.  Shed some light on them !!  Actively think about them, maybe even tell someone about them.  What's the harm in bringing them to the front of your awareness, and perhaps even  deciding to pursue them ?    What can be so significant that you suppress an idea that is so important to you that you've carried it around in your head for as long as you have and gone to such great lengths to keep it a secret ?  Are you afraid that people will scoff at you ? People that care about you want you to be happy and fulfilled ( if they don't you need new friends ).  Having hopes and dreams is what leads to fulfillment.  The people who's opinions should matter to you won't shoot you down or make fun of you.   These are people that you should be past those kind of insecurities with.  Give them a little credit  Give yourself a little credit for choosing better people than that as your friends.  Are you afraid you'll fail ??   Fail at what ??  Fail at achieving your goal, or fail at achieving your life ? If you go for your goal with all the gusto and determination you can muster, it's true that you might not attain it.  You will however, stretch your comfort zone, get closer to the goal than you would have if you never tried, and feel good that you gave your all in an honorable endeavor.  There's no way that can be considered failure.  Living your life afraid to chase what matters, fearing the opinion of your peers, and never finding the limits of your abilities...that is failing.  Failing to live your life, failing to do what matters, and failure to find and reach your potential.

Even if the goal isn't ever acheived. just the pursuit of your goal, you will forever change you for the better.  You will know that you can do more than you thought you could.  That you are stronger, more resilient, resourceful, and determined than you ever imagined.  That knowledge will allow you to face your next crisis with a little more resolve, chase your next goal with a little more self confidence, overcome your next obstacle with a little less apprehension.  You will have become more of the person you want to be.

These are just the benefits of the pursuit of the goal.  Imagine if you actually realize your goal !?!?!?  It's a feeling that will stay with you long after the satisfaction of that specific event has faded.  So don't wait, hesitate or keep it a secret any longer.  How long have you been harboring your secret goal ?  If it hasn't gone away by now, it's probably not going to, and you're not getting any younger.  Go for it. Go for it NOW, and of course....

....just don't stop running !!

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