Monday, August 27, 2012

Goals.... the last time I posted I talked about having goals and going for it.

At the time, I did have a specific goal in mind and I was pumped up enough to post about it, and to actually go for it.   I set up a plan, did the research, and made the arrangements that'd be necessary.

Then I had to wait for the situation to present itself.

You see...that's the thing with goals.  You don't always get to control how they are presented or what the conditions will be like when they are acheiveable.   So...the last time I posted I was hell bent on a goal.  I did what I could, planned what I could, and did what was necessary to make my goal happen.

But it never happened.

I realized that there was only so much that I could control. I took care of those elements, tried to account for the things I didn't anticipate, and generally figured that I'd do what I could,  and hope for the best.

In the meantime,   I was able to lose a few pounds, run a fairly aggressive training program and pursue my next running goal.

I wanted that goal SO MUCH.  Oh my have no idea what it meant to me.  I knew that it wasn't a sure thing or even likely, but I new what it was, and what was needed to achieve it, and did what I could to get there.

The fact that I didn't get there is because I didn't enough training, and didn't put enough emphasis on what was necessary.  It was essentially a case of poor planning.

Some of that I regret and some I know was a result of the circumstances.

I do know that I did all that I could, and it still didn't happen.  For me that's progress.  For most of my life I would take the path of least resistance.   I'd sit back and take what came to me.

In this case, I very aggressively pursued my goal, took the necessary steps to make it happen, and tried to do what I could to make it work out the way I wanted.

It didn't.

But the pursuit was worthwhile, and I thin it'll happen soon.

Thanks for reading.


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