Thursday, December 6, 2012

Baseline.... here we are....  I ran my local 5K Fun Run last night in 21:47 and it just about killed me.  My weight is currently at 180 ( a week ago, it was at 185 so that has already started to improve .... )

That will be the starting point and basis for any improvements.  I'm not giving that out as any kind of thing to be proud of, just as a testament to my credibility.  If I'm slower and fatter in a few weeks, you shouldn't take anything I have to say regarding running and weight loss very seriously.

Stick with me....this will be educational, healthy and entertaining at least.....

I appreciate your eyeballs.



I had to change my name a while back and now I can't change it back.  I'm listed as "Have a Nice Day" and google is giving me a hard time about getting it back to just "Greg".  I'll get there though.

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  1. Hey now...for some of us your 21:47 is super fast!! Congrats either way and I wish you luck!