Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm Back !! that may be a little presumptuous of me.  [ for those that didn't get the reference, that was the press release that told the world that Michael Jordan had returned to Pro Basketball ]  I have no illusions that I'm blogging's equivalent of Michael Jordan, or that the blogging world has been anxiously awaiting this event, as the basketball world was waiting for Michael, but I'm looking forward to writing again.  I've read some of my past posts for inspiration, been through a few life changing experiences since I last published regularly, and think I have enough material to keep you mildly entertained, reasonably informed, and somewhat distracted from the day to day monotony that tends to drag us down from time to time.  

My weight is up and my running is down, so my running focus will be primarily on those areas, and I'll be reviewing races to sign up for shortly as that always helps to have a specific goal to train for, rather than just saying "I want to get faster".

My weight is obviously easy to quantify, and my running ability will be tracked by an informal 5k race/fun run that I run semi regularly.  This week I'll be running that at a race pace to determine my baseline, and then I'll periodically post my times in that as well as my weight.  I figure anyone who's reading my opinion on running and weight management should know if I have any clue what I'm talking about, so I'll post the results for you all to judge for yourselves.

I am always grateful for your attention and feedback and would welcome any suggestions for future topics, feedbacks on previous posts, or just a general shout out from time to time.  Let your friends know about the blog if you find it interesting, and if you don't, let know why.   I was glad to see I still had some regular followers.  Thanks for sticking around during my hiatus.

Whatever you do, just don't stop running !!


  1. Thank you very very much. It means a lot to know that what I write is read by folks.